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    The kitchen also requires a number of special towels.
    Choose a product that suits your purpose. The towel becomes more efficient.

        Kitchen Towel

        Kitchen towels are the most used towels for kitchen use. The fabric is very soft and absorbs very quickly. Wet it with plenty of water and squeeze out the water before use.

        Glass Towel

        Glass towels have different properties on both sides for wiping glass products. It is recommended to use the soft side to wipe reflective stains and the non-slip side to wipe dirt.

        Furniture & Leather

        Furniture towels are towels for wiping the surfaces of furniture that are prone to dust, such as dining tables, wardrobes, and sofas, and are made of soft fibers that do not scratch the furniture.

        Scrubbing & Sponge

        Scrubbing & Sponge is an essential item for kitchen cleaning. It is used to remove foreign substances from dishes or utensils and to wash dishes.

        Multi-purpose Towel

        Multi-purpose towels are easy to use towels, and can be used anywhere on the table, cutlery, or pot.

        Stainless steel & table

        A variety of table towels are available, including soft towels for wiping without scratching and friction towels with PP fiber.


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