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  • A-Top is a company that extends beyond Korea to the world.

    CEO Message


    Thank you for visiting our website

    A-Top CEO Yong-Cheol, Hong

    Dear customers

    We sincerely welcome you to the A-Top website.
    Established in November 2000, A-Top Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of microfiber-related products, and has been manufacturing towels for various purposes, such as vehicle care towels, beauty products, cleaning products, and sports towels, that require meticulous manufacturing technology for 20 years. We are researching the above and producing and selling the main products.

    A-Top is trying to establish a system so that it can create a new living culture by observing various demands and listening to customers' voices, ultimately contributing to the convenience of consumers. We will not hesitate to evaluate ourselves so that customers can accumulate experiences of trust and satisfaction through steady product development and advanced technology. Atop will continue to practice customer satisfaction management through technological advancement and become a true small but strong company. Please look forward to a lot of development.

    Thank you.

    A-Top CEO

    Hong Yong-cheol