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    Advantages of twisted loop pile

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    Advantages of twisted loop pile:
    1. It maximizes the surface area of  microfiber while increasing absorption.
    2. It keeps the shape of microfiber pile stable so that the towel surface is not easily crushed and the towel can be used for a long time.
    3. It properly adjust the contact area with the paint surface to maintain the best absorbency to prevent excessive close contact and to slide properly.
    Cut File Advantages:
    1. It is very soft like rabbit hair and does not scratch the surface.
    2. Not only does it absorb water well, but it also wipes off the wax / sealant without leaving any residue.
    3. It maximizes the gloss effect by wiping every detail finely to the minut
    Castling Towel Features:
    It is the best product ever to remove water drop from car surface after rinse as the towel has two functions by arranging twisted loop pile and cut pile properly.
    Size: any size
    Weight: 950gsm
    Origin: South Korea
    Colors: Grey, L. Grey