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    A-Top Process

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      Yarn processing

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      Cutting & Sewing

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    Yarn processing

    After purchasing POY yarn, the yarn is processed to soften the feel and increase the volume according to the purpose of the yarn.

    Knitting (Weaving)

    The yarn is woven or knitted and processed into greing fabrics. The main structures of the fabric are warp knitting, circular knitting, weaving, etc., and each has own various characteristics.


    This is the process of dyeing the greing fabric. The process of splitting yarn to microfiber so that it can have the unique microfiber characteristics is also included, and the width and weight of the fabric can be adjusted.

    Cutting & Sewing

    The fabrics are cut and sewn to make a finished product. Various sewing methods are applied according to the characteristics of the products. The main methods of finishing towel edge are overlock, interlining (piping) overlock, fabric covering and edgeless etc.


    Products are packaged in various ways according to the needs of buyers. Individual packaging for local retail shipments is also available.

    • Yarn processing

    • Knitting(Weaving)

    • Dyeing

    • Cutting & Sewing

    • Packing