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    Since its establishment in 2000, A-Top has been supplying the world market with the highest quality products made of microfibers for over 20 years as a leading manufacturer in Korea. A-Top is striving for customer satisfaction through continuous R&D to develop high-quality products that improve our daily living quality. We believe that the success of A-Top is possible from the success of our clients. Trust with business partners is A-TOP's core survival strategy. A-Top is always open. Please do not hesitate to be A-Top's partners for more business opportunities and prosperous future.

    Export-oriented professional manufacturer :
    A-Top does not stay in Korea, but aims to communicate and cooperate with business partners around the world.


    A-Top Co., Ltd.


    2000. 11. 01

    Business Areas

    Manufacturing Fabrics, Car Care Products, Household Cleaning Products and Beauty Products etc.

    A-Top wants to share our vision and future with our valued customers by creating value.

    A-Top is a leading manufacturer and exporter of microfiber products such as automobile care. We are working hard to develop new items for practical products by operating a development room with delicate fabrics and manufacturing techniques. In the rapidly changing market economy, we are always thinking, recognizing that continuous improvement is an important factor for new customer satisfaction. We will continue to lead a developed relationship by striving to achieve our success through the success of our customers through new product development and technology development.




    • All works shall be concentrated on human Social value of enterprise is to establish human respect as the best virtue and contribute to the development of society and human Enterprise shall search for the human life and welfare of all members.

    • The basis of enterprise's existence is to creat the profit through value ereation. It shall grasp trend precisely, perform continual R&D for creating the customers' demand and contribute to the development of human society.

    • In the promotion of work, it shall not lost trust and morality in the relation with customer and it shall have the principle-centered work procedure and driving force, exduding idleness and excuse. Enterprise shall make an effort for self-control and endless capacity development.
      We will do our best as a customer's success partner who thinks customer satisfaction and success first like a candle that burns the body and brightens the night.